Live Show@The Dome OZORA
Live Show@The Dome OZORA

For the past year I have had the privilege of building a live show based on my new album (coming in the end of 2017) and some more of my material with 2 amazing musicians Nimrod Gorovich & Barak Rosen. Our 1st show took place at one of my favorite stages - The Dome @ Ozora Festival. The Album will be called "Give it Life" and actually I believe we did just that when we interpreted it into a real live show. In the video you will find 3 Tracks from it. In some ways I feel that (for me) this is the most beautiful thing I have been involved in so far and I am really excited to share this with you.

Video Production by Eyechant

Directed & Edited by Ben Kirschenbaum

Filmed by Raphael Federer, Krischan de Beer, Ben Kirschenbaum

Track list:

00:00 Acceleration

08:00 All that I Know

15:00 Loop for Today

23:00 First Steps

32:00 Other Kind of Illusion

43:00 Ups and Downs (Instrumental)


All Tracks W & P By Eitan Reiter

Drums & Modular - Nimrod Gorovitch

Synths & Electric Piano - Barak Rosen

Synths, Vocals & Programming - Eitan Reiter

* First Steps: Vocals by Tzlil Danin, Guitar by Ido Ophir, Synths & Programing by Eitan Reiter.

* Ups & Downs: Additional Production by Hannes Bieger, Synths & Programing by Eitan Reiter.